Training with an amateur dance team is a great way to build new skills and challenge yourself as a dancer.


Have you ever dreamt of performing, of dancing a choreography and wearing costumes in front of an audience, well you’re in the right place. Training with an amateur dance team is a great way to challenge yourself as a dancer, build new skills at the same time and learn to work as part of a group.

You don’t need a partner to start, you just need the goal, the commitment and the grit. We work for an extended period of time on a set choreography, usually 4 – 6 months, and then perform at various venues in and around London, as well as further afield if the team are up to travel. It does require commitment especially near the end of courses as you ramp up for shows, but it’s so worth it once you start seeing the progression in yourself and you see your goal at that finish line.

Learning choreography brings a new exciting and challenging side to salsa, and is different from social dancing. We tend to focus not just on improvement of technique but also improving overall aesthetic, showmanship, dynamism, styling, sharpness and cleanliness amongst other things. The training also helps improve athleticism and endurance because of how it’s trained. Performance team members dedicate a significant amount of time and effort to mastering the choreography, which extends far beyond memorizing a series of patterns.

Dancing with a team is a wonderfully social thing that helps you make new friends, stay motivated, builds confidence all the while training progressively with focus. It allows you to indulge your competitive side a little whilst working towards a collective goal. Attending events, congresses, traveling locally/ nationally also provides social entertainment – occasions to spend time shopping, dining and social dancing with your teammates.

In order to join one of our teams, you need to be actively participating in classes run by the school. Come and join our team and taste the flavour of performing in a dance group and letting the star in you out!

Costumes, dance shoes, accessories, make-up, travel, accommodation, party entry fees, congress passes, additional rehearsals organised outside of course dates, any additionally incurred expenses that have not been pre-agreed, are not included within advertised course cost.

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Click above to check out our latest performance team video that we filmed at the end of the choreography course.

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