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We offer a range of fun and social group classes for beginners to professionals in both solo shines and partnerwork.

Cross Body Salsa Dance Classes

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Class Formats

Drop-in classes: Suited for those who need a little more flex in their schedule…a single purchase class, on date of your choice, on a PAYG basis. No membership registration required. 

Courses: Suited for those looking for progression week on week. Courses run on 4 week cycles.  All cycles run for the first 4 Mondays and Thursdays of every month, unless indicated otherwise. Where there is a month with 5 weeks, there will be no classes on the Monday or Thursday of the 5th week.  

Workshops: These classes are bespoke (with a duration as indicated on the event link)  and offer a deeper dive into a particular subject matter advertised. They do not run consistently and are indicated on our events calendar in blue or directly linked on the specific class page. A single purchase class, on dates advertised, on a PAYG basis. No membership registration required.

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We have membership credit packs which offer huge discounts for those who are looking to attend class more regularly. The more courses you participate in the better the offer and more savings you make. If a membership doesn’t suit you, then purchase a single course or scroll through our PAYG drop-in class options here

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